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Throne And Liberty To Get Global Beta

NCSoft recently held an investor call where they discussed the much-anticipated MMORPG, Throne and Liberty. Although there was limited information available, the company confirmed that the game is still on track for release in the first half of 2023. This is exciting news for gamers around the world who have been eagerly awaiting the launch of this new MMORPG.

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One of the questions that was asked during the call was about the publisher for the western market. NCSoft stated that they haven’t finalised a western publisher for the game yet, but they are actively working on securing one. This is a crucial step in bringing the game to a global audience, and NCSoft is committed to ensuring that the game reaches players in every corner of the world.

Another topic that was discussed was the beta testing for Throne and Liberty. NCSoft confirmed that there will be a global beta test for the game before its official launch. This is an exciting opportunity for players to get their hands on the game and test it out before its official release. The beta test will give players a taste of what they can expect from Throne and Liberty, and NCSoft is confident that the results of the beta test will help improve the game even further.

Q – “TL will be running some final tests, … Will Overseas users be able to participate in this final test, and how will you play this out so you can attract more overseas users” “I do understand that you are working, or MAY work with an oversea’s publisher … what would be Our (marketing) strategy on this point?”

A – “So for TL, the final tests we will be running this time, it will be for only Korean Users … If and When we do collect a Overseas Partner to work with then I do think that then we MIGHT run some global tests and have some marketing that we may engage upon, however, for the details on that, I think this is something that you will have to be patient for. This is something you will have to wait for in the not to far near future.

The game’s release is eagerly anticipated by gamers around the world, and NCSoft is working hard to bring the game to players as soon as possible. With the beta test scheduled to take place before the official launch, players can expect an immersive and engaging gaming experience unlike any other. Stay tuned for more updates on “Throne and Liberty”, and get ready to embark on an epic adventure.