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Throne And Liberty Release Date Set & Beta in May

According to inside sources from NCSoft reported by Korean media, the release of Throne and Liberty has been delayed, and a global closed beta test (CBT) is now scheduled for May. The game is set to be released in October 2023, both in South Korea and globally, with distribution handled by Amazon Games. The exact conditions for participation in the CBT have not been disclosed yet.

Throne And Liberty Publisher

Following an internal discussion, NCSoft decided to delay the release of Throne and Liberty, despite not gaining unanimous agreement from the team. Senior Vice President Kim Taek-heon, who oversees NCSoft’s business, insisted on pushing the release to the second half of the year.

According to the Korean media, NCSoft’s apparently had a meeting with Amazon Games’ distribution business team on the 19th to establish a collaboration system. A source familiar with NCSoft’s situation revealed that ‘TL’ CBT is planned to be conducted in Korea and North America at the end of May, with a simultaneous release strategy to reduce the gap in service between the regions as much as possible

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