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Throne And Liberty Free To Play & New Alpha Leak

In an apparent leak posted on reddit (since later deleted) we have received a possible insight into Throne And Liberty. Let’s break down the two main points. It’s worth nothing that this obviously might not be legitimate but several youtubers are reporting it to be true.

Throne And Liberty Internal free To Play

Free To Play

One notable detail in the leaked email is the description of Throne and Liberty as a “free-to-play” multiplayer online role-playing game, providing much-needed clarity on the game’s pricing. Given the free-to-play model, a well-stocked cash shop is likely, but with a focus on the Western market, we expect pay-to-win elements to be minimal or absent.

Amazon Internal Alpha

In the leaked image from the now-deleted Reddit account revealed what appears to be an internal Amazon Games email inviting employees to a 5-day alpha test for Throne And Liberty. Scheduled to run from April 4th to April 9th, Amazon Games is allegedly allowing its employees to explore and test their latest publishing venture

As soon as we have any more information regarding this we will be sure to keep you up to date!