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Throne And Liberty Release Date

Throne And Liberty Release Date

When Is The Throne And Liberty Release Date?

An exact release date for Throne & Liberty is unknown however the game is now scheduled for the first half of 2023 (it was previously scheduled for Q4 2022 but a delay was announced to resolve publishing issues).

Recently there have been rumours that NCSoft will partner with Amazon Game Studios, with Amazon set to publish Throne And Liberty in the western markets. A deal was said to be “highly likely” however nothing is currently confirmed. More info about the release date and publisher discussion can be found in the investor call here.

In January 2023 a final beta test was announced in Korea only, with players attending a specific site to participate. It was reaffirmed that the game was heading towards release and is still expected in the first half of 2023.

Reason for Throne And Liberty Delays

Throne And Liberty was more recently delayed until the first half of 2023 because of ongoing discussions with a publisher (it is heavily rumoured that this publisher is Amazon Game Studios). It appears that they have delayed the game so that preparations can be made and still launch worldwide simultaneously. Again though, this is unconfirmed.

Will Throne And Liberty release On Console?

Yes, Throne and Liberty is coming to both Playstation and xbox systems. It is currently expected that the console version will release alongside the pc version of the game but this is currently unconfirmed.

Internal Testing

In a recent investor call NCSoft confirmed that Throne And Liberty had recently completed a company wide internal test, consisting of 3000 players and that this was completed successfully. It appears that this was an important step for the game and now allows NCSoft to look at releasing the game.

Beta Test

A public beta is expected at some point early in 2023, however it is not known how players will be able to participate. It might be an open beta (open to everyone for free) or it might be a closed beta (you an only participate if you are invited). Obviously it is likely that the beta testing will be completed with enough time before the Throne And Liberty Release Date to allow for any changes to be made based on the feedback from the testing.

It is not know if the testing will be completed with or without an NDA. It is safe to assume that any testing that has been completed so far was done under an NDA as no information about the game has leaked.

Is Throne And Liberty Free?

Currently no pricing has been confirmed, it is speculated that the game might be free to play with a robust cash shop, but nothing is yet announced.

Project E Release date

There is currently no information on when Project E will release. The game is set in the same world as Throne And Liberty but on a different continent, however it appears that they will not be released at the same time. It is possible that Project E might not be an MMORPG. The development of Project E only recently started so the game is likely many years away.

Where Is The Throne And Liberty Official Website

You can find the official website here.

About Throne And Liberty

Throne and Liberty (also known as TL) is an upcoming massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) by NCSoft. The current version of the game seems to feature a 3rd person action perspective, which has changed since it’s initial inception.

The original concept for the game was that it was part of the Lineage series and a sequel to the first Lineage game. But after a few iterations of the game it now has its own story, completely separate from the Lineage games. The game was first announced and titled as Lineage Eternal in November 2011 but has suffered numerous delays in its release schedule, with the earliest beta testing planned. The first South Korea Closed Beta began in 2016, starting on November 30 and ending on December 4. NCSoft has rebooted the game as Throne & Liberty.

More Information about the game can be found here.