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Throne And Liberty PvP

throne and liberty pvp

Will Throne And Liberty Feature PvP?

  • The developers of Throne and Liberty have implemented rules for player versus player (PvP) combat that allow players to choose whether they want to participate in PvP battles or not.
  • While most zones in the game are safe, certain areas may become open for combat during regional events or boss raids. Players can choose whether to participate in these battles or not, and can check the schedule for upcoming events and competitions to plan their gameplay and avoid unexpected PvP encounters.
  • Throne and Liberty’s world is made up of diverse regions, each with its own unique backstory and corresponding competitions that all players in the region can participate in. These regional battles typically last for around 20 minutes.
  • In the world of Throne and Liberty, there are special items that can only be owned by guilds: the Blessing Stone and the Dimension stone, together these are called the Possession Stones These stones allow guilds to expand their capabilities and acquire necessary raw materials.
  • To obtain these stones, players must participate in battles and strategize by understanding the terrain, locating the Stones of Possession, and making tactical decisions such as setting up a defensive perimeter or selecting the best approach.

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