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New Throne And Liberty Gameplay Leaks From Amazon Alpha

We finally have some insight into the type of gameplay we can expect from the hotly anticipated MMO – Throne And Liberty.

Recently, YouTuber Ginger Prime released a video detailing some exciting leaks about the game’s features, leaving fans of the genre excited and speculating about what’s to come. From weapon skills to pets, guilds, and open-world dungeons, Throne and Liberty seems to have something for every type of player. Let’s dive into the latest leaks and see what we can expect from this highly anticipated game.

throne and liberty class system

One of the most notable features is the absence of global cooldowns, meaning there will be no waiting around to use your skills. Weapon swaps will be skill-based, and weapon skills cooldowns will continue even when weapon swapped. It wounds like you will have 2 weapons you cann swap between but with the possibility of having 2 more that you can preset swap between. Weapons mentioned include 2H Staff, Wand and Book, each with unique abilities.

Pets will be a part of the game and will come with healing abilities. Rarity will be color-coded with Grey, Green, Blue, and Purple, with Blue and Purple requiring blueprints. Some items will be bind on equip, so they will be tradeable.

The Amazon Alpha version of the game lasted for two weeks, with players enjoying the vast and detailed world of Throne and Liberty. Mob levels are according to the zone rather than scaling to player level. There is also zero loading screens when traversing the world.

Character and weapon levels will be levelled independently of each other, and players can expect slow progression with a grind to level up to max level. Crafting and gathering will also be a part of the game.

Auto Battle is included, but it’s weak. However, Auto Combat will work for enemies that are at least five levels lower than you. Auto Pathing will exist so you don’t have to manually travel around the map and there is a Base Auto Attack similar to World of Warcraft.

Graphics and cutscenes will be top-notch, and guilds will be similar to the BDO system, with payments, auction houses, and bonuses.

Open-world dungeons will be a part of the game, with monsters getting harder the deeper you go. Some zones will be PvP while others will be PvE, with an auction house available for trading.

Finally, character creation will be extensive, allowing for the creation of unique characters.