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NCSoft Lay Off Staff But Throne And Liberty Unaffected

“NCSoft West has been hit with a round of layoffs,” according to VentureBeat. The report cites a statement from NCSoft confirming that “approximately 20% of NC West’s workforce” was affected, with the layoffs “primarily affecting non-game development positions.” The exact number and positions impacted are unclear.

VentureBeat also reports that CEO Jeff Anderson has stepped down from the company, with NCSoft stating that he “decided that his time at NC had come to a conclusion.”

In response to inquiries about the impact on current and future titles, NCSoft stated that “Our games will continue to operate as they have been” and “Throne & Liberty continues toward its global launch and is not impacted by the event.” The cause of the layoffs was cited as a “global realignment with our corporate headquarters in Korea,” with the goal of streamlining operations “to be better equipped to work as one global unit.” The layoffs were confined to NCSoft West and did not affect NCSoft’s Korea team.